Inkjet vs Laser

Inkjet vs Laser - Photocopiers and Printers

Many customers ask me “why should I go for the more expensive laser printer? When I could just go and buy an inkjet from the shop for around £100..” My answer to them is that it may cost you £100 now but just wait until the inks run out in two days time and then again two days after that and you will soon realise just how much your ‘cheap’ printer actually costs you.

Inkjet vs Laser – Who wins?

It is a constantly recurring theme in this current economic climate, where so many companies are driven by cost, that we hear the same argument from so many potential buyers. On one hand they have a knowledgeable expert in front of them saying that they should buy this state-of-the-art laser printer which is less than a penny a print to run but will cost you £1000 to begin with. On the other they are thinking… “mmm… I could just go to PC world and get an inkjet for £100…”

What they don’t realise is that the inkjet machine will cost way more than the laser to run. The average cost to print a black & white print on a laser machine is around 80% cheaper than the inkjet, with colour prints being around 60% cheaper.

Most businesses will easily churn their way through anything up to 20000 prints per month. There comes in the other problem with the inkjet…. It probably won’t last to 20000 prints! The average laser machine is designed to last up 1,000,000 prints.

Conclusion – Inkjet vs Laser Printing

Laser all the way!!!

Before you go and commit to buying the ‘cheapest’ option come and speak to a professional who can offer advice on the best option for you. With options of leasing and rental available it means that laser machines are affordable for every business on every budget.