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Is your company based in or around the Bolton area? UK Photocopiers has many years of experience in working in and around the Bolton area. We understand that running a successful business requires everything to run as smoothly as possible, as everything in the current business world moves so quickly you could do without any extra problems holding your business back. This is where we can help you out.

Photocopiers Bolton, Printers Bolton, Photocopier Sales Bolton, Photocopier Leasing Bolton


By implementing one of our tailored office printing solutions, using the latest technology from top manufacturers such as Xerox and Olivetti, we can increase your productivity and cut printer downtime whilst also saving your business money at the same time. We offer a range of options that can offer outstanding functionality covering all aspects of copying, scanning and printing.


UK Photocopiers offers an excellent service throughout the complete process of getting your office equipment installed and maintained. We also look at all options of how we can save our customers money without compromising on functionality. This may be done through using multi-function devices instead of separate machines. It may also be something like user code restrictions on colour printing. As well as saving money for your business another by-product of saving on prints is the fact that less printing means less of an impact on the environment. UK Photocopiers tries to leave as little impact as possible on our planet and we can help you to do the same.

Feeling safe

One other increasingly important aspects of print management in the modern workplace is security. We can offer solutions with our machines to suit a number of applications. Whether it be to simply restrict certain departments using colour or to only release confidential documents when the user is stood at the machine. Because of the latest technology being used by our suppliers, these solutions can be implemented without the need for any expensive extra software.

Whilst we supply the best photocopiers Bolton we also cover the whole of the North West including:

Manchester, Leigh, Wigan, Bolton, Bury, Chorley, Preston, Warrington, St Helens

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