Print Audit – Reasons why this can be great for business

Print Audit

Print Audit

Print Audit – this may be a term that you are already familiar with. It has become a bit of a buzzword within the print industry over the last few years. For those of you who haven’t come across print audit before, I will try to give a brief introduction to what it is. Also I will give a few reasons as to why it is such a great service for any company who has multiple office devices or does any reasonably large┬ávolumes of printing.

What is it?

So for those of you who aren’t aware of print audit, it is basically a procedure whereby your print volumes are monitored over a length of time. Usually this takes place over the course of a month. A detailed report will then be produced on the printing structure within your business. This will include; printer locations, print volumes per machine, functionality of each piece of equipment and the number of users assigned to┬ámachine and, probably most importantly, how much each machine is costing you to run.

Cost saving

Once this information is obtained from the print audit, it can then be assessed to see exactly how your business can improve your current print structure. As for most businesses, the key factor is cost. Having the incorrect machine for a given environment, whether it be too large or too small for the tasks required, means that it is most likely costing you too much money. You will be advised on how to restructure your office machines to be more cost effective.

You may be thinking “but that’s gonna cost me to get new machines…” Don’t panic. This doesn’t always mean buying a fleet of new machines. You will always be advised of the exact costings of any proposal so that you can see the savings in real terms.


The other aspect that is a major benefit from a print audit is productivity. So many companies accumulate office equipment over the years with no real thought into the whole solution. This usually culminates in a mis-mash of different pieces of kit including printers, flatbed scanners, fax machines, label printers, etc. Whilst all of these items ‘do the job’ they can be lacking the functionality of some more advanced all-in-one machines.

Another problem caused by buying printers as and when needed is that you end up with all sorts of different makes and models. This then means a store cupboard full of random toners and inks. Quite a lot of desktop printers purchased online and in department stores are also quite expensive to run. This can result in a fleet of expensive, unproductive, unreliable office equipment machines.


If you use even just a couple of printers in your office you could still be spending too much. If you would like to find out if you could be doing things better or if you are currently thinking of buying some new printers. Before you do anything else book yourself a print audit. Best of all it’s FREE!

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