Refurbished Copiers & Printers

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Our refurbished copiers and printers could be just the right thing for your business.

With ourĀ Gold Standard 20-point Maintenance CheckĀ you can all the features of a top of the range, high-specification MFD, at a fraction of the price with second hand printers.

All of our refurbished copiers and printers are also available with a 3 or 5 year warranty agreement. Leaving you with the peace of mind that your purchase will never let you down.

Gold Standard 20-point Maintenance Check

  1. Full Strip of Machine Panels and Clean
  2. Removal of all components for Internal Clean
  3. Remove and Clean Paper Trays and Feed Stations
  4. Clean Filters
  5. Clean Optics
  6. Inspect & Clean Developer Units
  7. Inspect & Clean Drum Units
  8. Inspect & Clean Fuser Unit
  9. Inspect & Clean Transfer Belt Unit
  10. Inspect & Clean Transfer Roller
  11. Replace any worn consumable units if needed
  12. Replace Feed Tyres if needed
  13. Replace Waste Toner Tank
  14. Test all functions of machine
  15. Reset all existing user data
  16. Upgrade Firmware to latest version
  17. Calibrate Machine
  18. Update Service Contact Info and New Stickers
  19. Print Diagnostic Information
  20. Final Polish and wrapped ready for Installation

Typically this process will take an engineer up to 12 hours to complete fully.