5 Ways to Save your Business Money on Printing Costs

Save your business money on printing costs

 Save your Business Money on Printing

Printing costs are a major factor in the day-to-day running of almost all businesses. If printer usage is not monitored regularly, then these costs can spiral out of control. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do which will reduce you overall spend and in turn save your business money.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small company with a single printer or a multi-national company with a vast fleet of machines. These tips will help everyone bring down their spend.

1.Limit Colour Usage

Do you really need that email memo printing off in glorious full colour? Do you really want your staff printing off the holiday snaps on your 4 pence per page colour printer? With colour printing generally being around 7 times more expensive, it’s here where you can make big savings without much hassle at all.

With the advances of modern printers and copiers it’s now really simple to cut down on colour printing. The most simple way to do this is default your printer preferences to ‘Black & White’. This means you will have to make a conscious decision to use colour.

If you have a multi-function printer you can also set-up user accounts for different members of staff or different departments and restrict colour usage to only certain users. This is a great option for large companies who, for example, may want the marketing department to print colour but maybe not the accounts.

Get a Print Audit

The most common way companies lose money unnecessarily on printing costs is that they don’t have the correct structure in place. You need to ask ‘does everyone in the business really need their own printer on their desk?’ Quite often a business will just accumulate printers over the years without any real thought as to whether it is cost-effective or efficient in the long-run.

One way to get a much better understanding of how much you could save your business money, or also if there is a better more efficient solution, is to get someone to come in and perform a print audit. Most copier and printer dealers will offer this as a free service with no obligations. You will get a report on exactly how much printing is costing you along with recommendations on improvements.

Switch to Laser

Are you running an inkjet printer? Are you replacing the ink cartridge at least once a month? If so, then you are almost certainly spending more on printing than necessary. Inkjets serve a purpose as home printers or even in an office where it is used maybe 2-3 times a day. But if you are printing over 20 pages a day then you could be better of with a laser printer.

With the average cost for a colour print being around 9 pence on an inkjet and 4 pence on a laser, the cost can soon mount up. The difference on black & white is even more dramatic, being around 3 pence on an inkjet and 0.5 pence on a laser.

Document Management Software

Over the last few years there has been some fantastic developments in the world of document management software. Basically these a computer programs that perform a number of different office tasks. From automatically filing documents electronically to controlling print jobs on the network, they offer a vast array of solutions that can be tailored to fit many business needs.

The real value of these software solutions is in the workflow efficiency. They can save businesses thousands of pounds on basic office tasks like scanning and filing that would normally take up hours of staff worktime.

Paper Tips

There are also some very practical tips that every business can follow to limit spending too much on printing. These consist of using functions like double-sided printing where applicable. Also you can combine multiple images onto a single which is handy if you have a bunch of photographs to print. Most modern printer have all sorts of features to help you cut down on usage, you just need to have a look around in the preferences to see what suits the type of work you are doing.

How can UK Photocopiers help you?

Here at UK Photocopiers we have years of experience in tailoring solutions to fit perfectly with your company’s needs. Whether it is cutting down on usage, advice on printers, or coming in to see you about a print audit, you can be sure on honest, expert advice every time.

If you would like to arrange a print audit in the north west area then give us a call on 01942 316073 or email info@uk-photocopiers.co.uk