How to setup Scan to Email

A Beginner’s Guide to Setup Scan to Email

Ever needed to scan a document to your PC but not sure how? I will show you how to setup scan to email in just a few minutes. It’s easier than you think!

Email Scan Setup | A quick guide to configuring your scanner or printer to scan to email

Here’s what you will need:

  • A networked scanner (not USB connection)
  • Your email server (SMTP) details. (This can be provided by your IT provider or your web hosting provider)
  • If you are using a Gmail account you can find the Gmail SMTP details here
  • Yahoo users can find the Yahoo Mail SMTP details here

Here’s an example of what SMTP details will look like:

SMTP Server –

SSL – On

Port No – 465

Login Name –

Password – password123

These are all the details that you require to start scanning via email from your device.

Configuring the Scanner

All you need to do now is input those details to your scanner or multi-function printer. Most of current makes and models have intuitive user menus to allow for an easy setup of email scanning.

Usually the email/SMTP settings can be found under ‘Network Settings’. Once you have located SMTP settings just input your specific details.

You may also need to input a ‘Sender’s Address” or ‘Admin Email Address’. This is the address which the scan will say that it has been sent from.

Then you just need to add some emails to the address book to start scanning to.

Hopefully this guide can help you on your way towards configuring your printer or scanner to scan to email. If however you are struggling you can always give us a call on 01942 316073 and we can configure it for you.